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Research Projects

Research Facilities

Under the NEED programme, students will have access to cutting-edge research facilities at both CGU, Taiwan and SUTD, Singapore.

Research facilities/laboratories in Taiwan such as Semiconductor Fabrication Laboratory, VLSI Design Laboratory, Center for Reliability Sciences and Technologies (CReST), etc at CGU, and NDL (National Nano Device Laboratories) and CIC (Chip Implementation Center) at Hinchu Science Park will be accessible to the NEED-Students.

Similarly, the facilities at SUTD, Singapore such as the Electronic Design Laboratory (EDL), an electronic design and innovation hub which supports research and design activities in the broad areas of electronic circuits and systems, etc will also be made accessible. The EDL in particlaur houses a high-performance wire bonding machine, a wedge bonder, a probe station, an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer and several workstations with EDA software as well as test and measuring equipment.


Research Projects

Under the NEED program, each student is required to work on one research project (multiple project participation is not permitted) which is supervised by SUTD faculty and co-supervised by CGU faculty. Student is advised to indicate his/her project preference when applying for the NEED program. Each student is required to write a proposal (including research background, literature survey, preliminary results, and expected output) under the supervision of both supervisors. The proposal is submitted before leaving CGU. Each student continues and completes the research project in SUTD before graduation. For the list of research projects, please visit SUTD website.