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Thurein Aung
How well the graduated student is achieved his/her goal after the program is to evaluate how effectively the program achieving its educational goals. If you want to accomplish the academic success or career growth in your life, this program is highly recommended. I would say, "This program was excellent--where have you been all my life”.
Qishen Wang
NEED program is a suitable and amazing choice for those who want to explore the electronic devices, nanomaterials and reliability analysis. In this program, you will have chances to stay in two different universities, take helpful and practical coursework, and finish research projects advised by creative and professional advisors. Here, the best way to enhance yourself is by keeping curious, hardworking, and enjoying difficulties :)
Wen Yan Neo
The programme has enabled me to learn and explore the more fundamental aspects of circuit design. The coursework is comprehensive, and gives a big picture, from materials to devices and circuits to systems. Advisors are supportive, well-versed in their field of expertise, simultaneously sharp and yet patient. Wide range of projects to choose from, it is easy to find one that fits your area of interest. The programme reinforces my career as an IC design engineer.
Hung-Ju Li
Opportunities belong only to those who dare to take the first step. During this study period, I not only broadened my worldview, but also gained a deeper understanding of the future development of the industry. Although the project has not been established for a long time, it has outstanding performance in terms of educational themes and research resources, and can cultivate outstanding talents who can enter many international companies.
Chen Ben
I recommend the MNEED program to any aspiring student who are eager to enhance their ability. Apart from being able to immerse yourself in a cross cultural experience between Singapore and Taiwan, you will also be able to develop your own research expertise with the help of cutting-edge technologies in both universities. Advisors from both college are experts in different areas and are very supportive. This program had strengthened my ability professionally as a DE and landed me with a position in one of the world's top ten design house.