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Under the NEED programme, students will spend the first 9 months at CGU Taiwan, completing core and elective modules, where the students will gain real-life immersion with Taiwan's leading IC design and semiconductor foundries while undergoing CGU's industry-oriented curriculum.

All students will complete the compulsory modules and gain 12 elective credits listed below.

Graduate Program Curriculum 2023-2024

Graduate Program Curriculum 2022-2023

Graduate Program Curriculum 2021-2022

Graduate Program Curriculum 2020-2021

Graduate Program Curriculum 2019-2020

Graduate Program Curriculum 2018-2019



.Reliability Engineering for Integrated Circuit Technology
.Introduction to VLSI: Technology and Design
.Research on Special Topics (I)(II)
Elective Modules Common Elective Courses
.Biomedical Electronics Design
.Applied Artificial Intelligence
.Design for Quality
.VLSI Modelling & Design
IC Design Track
🔍Students will learn more about the tools, software and processes required to conduct analysis, modeling, design, testing and development of a wide variety of ICs (AI-edged, analog, digital, radio frequency, mixed-signal).
.Computing Electronics Design
.Analogue Integrated Circuit Design
.RF Systems Design
.VLSI Testing and Testable Designs
.Mixed Signal Systems by Design
Advanced Manufacturing Track
🔍Students will learn more about the integral aspects of IC production quality and reliability management. This includes reliability and failure analysis, failure mechanisms and packaging reliability using AI.
.Nanoscale Design
.VLSI Forensics
.VLSI Designing for Success
.Field-Effect Semiconductor Devices

NEED-Students will spend the next 9 months at SUTD Singapore, completing a Master thesis and a research project which will incorporate the technical knowledge gained at CGU Taiwan.

Students' Master thesis will be subjected to an Oral Defense, where students will defend their research against professional critique by a board consisting of SUTD faculty and external faculty/industry experts.

Students are also required to complete at least 4 Professional Short Development Courses to gain industry-relevant knowledge to round out their holistic education.

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